The Lost Sheep

Have you ever been lost and we don’t mean at the Sylvia Park… have you ever felt lost? If you have watch Rm 1’s movie!

22 thoughts on “The Lost Sheep

  1. Kia Ora St Patricks school, I enjoyed watching your movie. I liked your moves you used. I loved the confidence you showed, and how you were looking for a lost sheep. Keep up the good work!

    Regards Genesis

  2. hello st patricks school i am junior from PES point England school

    this calmed me down and helped me,i really love these kinds of movies keep it up.

  3. Kia ora Rm 2. Your movie was very cute and adorable. Maybe your movie will help people who do not read the bible and understand the goodness of Jesus. Your movie is cheerful and I really liked the picture that you guys did at the end.

  4. Talofa lava Room 2

    It’s Angelina from Room 6. You guys look so cute when you do those actions and the song about loving Jesus. You guys are so creative, and the music was very happy and had a nice beat.

  5. Malo lelei room 2! This is Paula from room 6.

    I was really amazed that your movie was about the Lost Sheep and I like that God will never give up on any one of us when we get lost. I was also impressed with the hand gestures when the Word of God was being read. It must have taken you guys heaps of effort to make this movie. Good job Room 2!


  6. Talofa room 2 iI really enjoy the gospel of the lord and the story of the lost sheep it was amazing i am very excited to hear your next gospel of the lord

  7. Talofalava Room 6
    Its me Marii
    I really liked your blog.It was so cute the way the little ones did the actions.I hope people will learn that they should follow Jesus and be catholic so that they can grow like Jesus.

    Kind Regards:Marii

  8. Kia Ora Room 2, I enjoyed your movie, It was amazing and fabulous to watch, The acting was a amazing and so was the background music. I love the smiles too. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Graziel.

  9. Malola lei lei room 2. The actions for a reading from God was out of the world. I think your movie was expressive because you used actions to the music. I wonder how long it took to get it right? I would say it took 3 – 4 days to make the movie but all I can say is it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

  10. Hi room 2 . This is Sione I love your movie and I love the way you guys were learning about the lost Sheep and God always looking after us. I loved the song you looked so good and you guys did a good job.

  11. Talofa lava Room 2. I watched your movie and I admire your amazing skills. I like it because it’s all about the Gospel reading from Luke. The shepherd lost 1 sheep and he still had 99 but he kept on on looking and found it, the lost sheep. God and Jesus are very happy because the shepherd did not give up on the sheep. It means God won’t give up on this.

  12. Malolelei
    I loved this gospel reading and your actions and i also loved the song alleluia yous used for your movie.

    Kind Regards Pio

  13. Kumusta Room 2! This is Georzen from Room 6.

    I just watched your “Lost Sheep” movie. I really like this bible story because it reminds me of when I got lost in the mall one time and my parents frantically searched for me.

    My favourite part was when you did the actions of the Words of God.
    Well done Room 2!

  14. Ki ora hi room 1
    My name is Vili from room 6 i really enjoyed your classes movie the movie was so cool I try it at home and it worked.

  15. Bula Rm 2. This is from Annamaria in room 6.Your movie performance was very cute. I really enjoyed the parts when the song started and you did your actions. It makes me feel that God is really really happy with your kindness that you show to one another. God is proud of you and loves you for singing about him.

  16. Sorry Room 2 this was the wrong comment this was the comment.

    Good morning Room 2
    My name is Vili from Room 6. I loved your film as it was so entertaining and the part that I loved the most was at the end when you all put your hands in the air and said “hooray!” It was so unique.

  17. Kia ora room 2. I finished watching this movie and I thought it was really cute.
    I really liked all of the dancing and actions. I thought it was nice that you chose a bible story.

    From Olivia

  18. Kumusta Room 2. This is Roland from Room 6.
    That was a lovely movie you made about The Lost Sheep. I felt emotional watching you all doing the actions to the Words of God. I wished that I was in that movie too. I love it!

    From Roland🐑

  19. Hello Room 2,
    Your film would always remind me a story how Jesus told his apostles about a story of the lost sheep! Your film is spectacular! Even the actions and song effects! There is also nothing I could think of to make the film more spectacular!
    Regards, Jaeden

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